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B2B Holiday Gifting – Start Planning Now

What questions spring to mind when you read this headline? NO! It’s July! To give or not to give? Who do I give to? What the heck do I give? This is so not in the budget! Wait – why am I giving?

Let’s start at the top.

  • NO! It’s July! – True but doing it now will save you all the stress of doing during the hub-bub of the holiday season, and may save you some big bucks for ordering early.

  • To give or not to give? – GIVE! Take advantage of connection with your current customer (and your referring docs are customers)base at every opportunity.

  • Who do I give to? – Your current customers, your former customers you want back, and potential customers.

  • What the heck do I give? – There are so many options it can be overwhelming. You can choose something related to your specialty or something you enjoy receiving. Leverage your staff for ideas; even hold a contest for best idea.

  • This is so not in the budget! That’s ok. Do the Return On Investment (ROI). Calculate the revenue if you receive one new patient for every 10 or 20 gifts. Then measure the results – you’ll be surprised!

  • Wait – why am I giving? You are giving to say thank you, I remember you, I appreciate you, I want you back, I’d like to meet you and finally – Hey, it’s me, please remember me!

You can start small or include everyone you know. Just start.

Want to outsource the project? We are here to help – call 858-256-0351

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